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5 Free Android Apps Entrepreneurs Need - Digital Dock
5 Apps that help make your business life easier.
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5 Free Android Apps Entrepreneurs Need

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5 Free Android Apps Entrepreneurs Need

Launching a business is a stressful time – all entrepreneurs will, at some point, have sleepless nights and seemingly impossible deadlines to meet. It’s partly these challenges that drive us, yet it is important to realise that too much pressure has a negative effect on the person and the company.

Luckily, we are in an era where there are applications to help make our lives easier… but only if we use them. Having a startup is exciting and it can be difficult to stop your mind racing as new ideas and strategies are constantly being evolved.

Successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson have come to value the role health and downtime have in staying creative and lessening the pressure on business owners.

Here are five free apps that you need to consider making a staple part of your daily health routine :

Stop Breathe & Think

This is an app that has been downloaded thousands of times across the world. With a range of mindfulness exercises that help to interrupt the build up of stress, it is simple to use and makes a good introduction to the world of meditation – without any religious connotations.


If your to-do list keeps getting longer, it may be time to use GTasks to get things organised. You can create projects, and share them with other employees. It also links with Google calendar to make planning more streamlined. Very user friendly and may help to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Daily Yoga

With time being a constraint for many entrepreneurs, yoga exercises make sense : a few minutes a day can improve health and decrease tension. This is one of the better downloads out there, with HD videos improving the viewing experience. Another plus, for those that use co-working space, is a free plugin, with exercises that can be performed sat down at your desk.

100 Green Smoothie Recipes

Whilst exercise and the art of relaxing are powerful components in keeping you healthy, it is also important to maintain a good diet to help fuel the daily grind. The late nights an entrepreneur endures often means that food can quite literally be forgotten. The local fast food outlet may become a startup owners second home. These recipes help to reverse that trend. Smoothies are easy and quick to make, and can give you your five a day in one glass. Enjoy!

Relax and Sleep for Everyone

Although some business owners try to stick to the ‘4 hour a night’ sleep mantra, for most of us this is impossible. Sleep is essential in helping the creative process, and renewing our bodies resilience to stress. This app is a powerful tool to help you nod off. With a mixture of soothing sounds, colour therapy, and meditation, there is also a section on how herbal teas can help you relax at the end of each day.

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