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Should some Web Developers be paid more than Dr's?.. - Digital Dock
We investigate the fairness of some Web Designers being paid more than Doctors.
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Should some Web Developers be paid more than Dr’s?..

Should web developers be paid more than dr's

Should some Web Developers be paid more than Dr’s?..

Should Web Developers be paid more than Doctors?

The fact that this question has cropped up begs the need to better understand exactly who web developers are.

Doctors have long been revered in any society, and the modern man more than ever knows the power bestowed upon a doctor, crowned in priceless knowledge on the human anatomy. With the power that a doctor yields, they can save a life and a generation. Yet a simple mistake can be fatal -there’s no room for error. And most doctors are exceptional in their work.

The doctor has spent thousands of hours perfecting their field of speciality, and mostly need to keep up with evolving trends. It’s a laborious career that requires many hours of study, research, and is consequently well remunerated.

But technology is changing the payroll mathematics.

With ever increasing demand for technology as a solution for businesses, the web developer pay and demand may be yet to reach its peak.

Doctors have been among the top cadre of society in terms of pay. Ranking among the best paid careers : it is a totally understandable and acceptable policy.

But then enter the programmer, more so the web developer. A career now raising eyebrows and which seems to be ceaselessly in demand.

The Web Developer

The web developer is a product of technological growth and innovations. Technology has been the prime catalyst for his emergence. Hardly will a business today lack an online presence. And all that’s needed is a good website to connect to your customers anywhere, globally, at any time.

And for a good website, you need a great programmer.

But why do some developers charge the Earth?!

1). Excessive Demand

With many startup’s and established businesses seeking to enhance their online platforms, demand for top talent in the field is simply mind-boggling. Established companies are in need of online apps to enhance business, and the more refined your skill the better.

2). Long hours

What most people are unaware of, is the kind of personal input a web developer has had to give, in order to perfect the skill. In fact, most of them are self-made, and dedicated their time and resources in learning the basics and intricacies by themselves – in itself no small feat. It is a skill borne of long and tedious hours of research and dedication, and an unrelenting spirit.

3). Overall Impact

Most of the projects undertaken by the developers demand precision in their deliverables, and normally take months to complete. A great web app is the result of massive coding, rigorous testing, and bug fixing – all which require top-notch knowledge of the programming field.

4). Evolving Technology

It so happens that, once a web project is complete, that’s just the first part over. Implementation is equally as important as the development. Keeping a web app running and free from bugs is an on-going hustle that requires constant researching and learning. With new trends coming up in technology, one has to be on game!

Sooooo…. should some web developers be paid more than some Dr’s ?!

Probably not. Although there is no doubting the skill and tenacity provided by coding experts, it is not a matter of life and death!

On the other hand, It’s time to face reality that the job market is radically changing, and accept that both doctors and web developers are skilled professions that deliver value to their respective markets. More so, we should embrace the fact that, just as technology has revolutionized many a business processes and operations, it is yet to have its full impact.

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